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The Scope of Cash Reward Cards
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The basis of most cash reward cards is to make the customer earn back while making purchases. Sounds too simple?

There was a time when people could spend using credit cards, yet the satisfaction of the purchase was all they could attain with their card. This fact has however changed in the recent years. In fact, most credit cards now offer earn-back options on some of their credit cards.

Most of the cash reward cards on the market offer a wide range of rewards. Ranging from frequent flyer miles, to store gift certificates, to cash options at times, these cards mostly work through a points reward program. Very few companies actually offer the cash back option. This is however not a problem for many opportunity seekers, since they have their own grapevine and communication set-up. Indeed, cash-back options used to be very prominent in the past, when rewards programs were set into place. However, given the growing popularity of this earnings route, most credit card suppliers simply shifted to other rewards programs. A few still kept to the established set-up, but the tricky thing is that the cash back option is very often not advertised. Only "insiders" following this trend can still recall the who's who in the world of cash rewards cards.

Through specialized websites, message boards, and even through blogs, the determined seeker can find all the information pertaining to cash reward cards. The selection scope of such opportunities is presented on some sites, and a few go even further by providing tips and tricks of the trade for actually earning cash back from credit card payments.

However, it has to be pointed out that the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on cash reward cards is much higher than for a normal reward-free card. It is a lure in fact to just look at the 0% APR advertised for these cards, since this APR percentage only pertains to the first twelve months of the deal. Furthermore, reward cards also often expect the customer to keep an ongoing balance on his account, and this may lead to increased interest payments, which would in the end, nullify the cash reward or any other reward pertaining to those cash reward cards.

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