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The Gift of Cash Back Cards
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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So which one of you people out there said you don't like receiving something for nothing? No show of hands? Well, that isn't surprising. It would be a fairly hard-pressed task to find someone who is dramatically opposed to getting something of value for nothing. Salesmen have long since made brought in tons of customers by offering free bonus gifts to people who purchased an item and an already seemingly low price. Who can forget the old Ronco commercials with the "But wait! There’s more!" tagline? While that tagline may seem nostalgic, the reality is the general idea behind it is as popular today as it was thirty years ago as evidenced by the popularity of cash back cards.

Cash back cards are credit cards that offer bonus points when the cards are used for purchases. The concept of cash back cards started with the "bonus miles" cards issued by airlines and eventually spread to other industries and businesses. This has had a tremendous impact on the economy as it stimulated the growth of purchases by using the common credit card as business partner with the stores that see a huge number of credit card purchases every day. These cash back cards that are affiliated with a specific retailer and provide "gift cards" in order to spend those cash back points. For example, if one has a card affiliated with Amazon, every $20.00 purchase at Amazon leads to a $5.00 bonus point accrual that can eventually be redeemed for merchandise. This makes the cash back cards quite valuable as when one redeems the gifts or merchandise, essentially one is lowering the interest paid on the card as the card allows for acquiring free merchandise that would otherwise have been paid for. Again, this is hardly a bad deal and any such cash back cards should be have a place in one's wallet at all times.

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