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Prepaid Credit Cards for Children
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Prepaid Credit Cards for Children are a Great Idea

Kids these days are becoming more independent at a younger age. For parents this means they have to be increasingly aware of exactly what their children are up to. This includes who they are spending their time with and what they are spending their money on. Money is usually a common topic of discussion between teenagers and their parents. The teen wants the freedom to go to the mall on their own to pick out what they like and the parent wants to be certain the youngster isnít being frivolous with their money. A great way to accommodate everyone and teach some fiscal responsibility is with prepaid credit cards for children. These are a tool almost any family can benefit from.

When most of us think of credit cards we think of adults in a stable job who can maintain their payments. The type of card that is suitable for a teen is very different. Credit cards for kids are actually pre-paid and that means that the child can only spend as much as is put on the card by the parent. If the child has a monthly allowance, the parent can then add the amount of the allowance to the card once a month and the child then uses it until the balance is at zero. Most of the prepaid credit cards for children are either a Visa or a MasterCard and can actually be used virtually everywhere a traditional credit card is used, including online for music downloads and to buy things.

One of the benefits of this type of financial arrangement for a child is that it introduces them to the idea of balancing their budget. Since they can only use the amount that is designated to the card, theyíll quickly discover that overspending isnít a good thing. Children with prepaid debit cards tend to be more frugal with their money than those carrying cash in their pocket.

Parents naturally are going to want to get an inside look at what their child is doing with the card. This can be done online from any computer with Internet access or in many cases over the phone as well. The parent funding the prepaid credit cards for their child can add to the balance online with a transfer from their own bank account or credit card. They also can view up to the minute updates of what their child is spending his or her money on.

Although this type of card isnít going to help to build the childís credit history it is a good introduction to the world of credit. Prepaid credit cards for children arenít subject to credit rating so your child wonít damage their future credit standing or your own credit standing in any way. Instead it teaches them the value of every dollar which is a lesson everyone needs in life.

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