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Cash Credit Cards Are Appreciated
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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No one wants to go through the nightmare of having their credit card stolen and learn that some thief has taken a $5,000.00 around the world trip at the expense of a Visa that they ripped off. Then again, one does not have to have an extreme situation occur that can cause a credit card nightmare. Simply going beyond one's own personal limit of spending can lead to tons of fiscal problems. It isn't always easy to keep track of purchases when one is living a hectic life, so accidentally putting an extra $100.00 charge on a credit card is a common error people make.

So what is one to do? After all, carrying cash around is neither wise nor safe. So what is the alternative option? The answer is cash credit cards. Cash cards are combination credit cards and debit cards. Instead of a debit card that is only usable as a way of withdrawing cash from an ATM machine, cash credit cards are Visa cards that are purchased and have a finite dollar amount. One pays $300.00 for such a Visa card and now has a ceiling of $300.00 to purchase with the card. No overages are possible with cash credit cards because when the money runs out, it runs out!

Cash credit cards first debuted ten years ago, but they did not start to achieve much popularity until recently. A motivating factor behind this popularity is people have been giving away cash credit cards as gifts for birthdays and holidays. These cash cards are swiftly replacing the venerable favorite, the gift certificate because unlike a gift certificate, cash cards can be used at ANY store as opposed to just one. That alone makes cash credit cards extremely appreciated gifts as well as being fiscally safe alternatives to the traditional Visas and Mastercards of old.

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