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Cash Card Safety
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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If a person likes coffee and sees that a "Coffee of the Month Club" has a special deal that is offered online, the person might be tempted to take advantage of the offer. A thirty day free trial period that can be canceled at any time makes the offer even more attractive. But, when ninety days go by and the Coffee Club is ignoring all emails to cancel the trial period and their phone number is mysteriously busy 24/7 and the club keeps making charges on the buyer's credit card, then it becomes fairly obvious that the attractive offer was nothing more than a scam.

In the world of commerce these days, the Internet is a major source of purchasing. The dollar figure of online commerce sales is well into the billions as the convenience of being able to purchase any item, any day, any time stimulates a tremendous amount of buying power. Unfortunately, the Internet is a fairly anonymous world and there are certain unscrupulous individuals in cyberspace who have a tendency to abuse the people who purchase from them. The most common method of abusing a purchaser is executing unauthorized purchases on a credit card that had been used to buy an item in the past. While there are ways to repair the situation, these ways are primarily a hassle. This is why a debit cash card is highly advised for online purchasing. A debit cash card cannot be exploited in the same way.

When one uses a debit cash card, there is a finite amount of money available on the card and once the dollar amount reaches zero, no more charges on the cash card can be performed. This preventive medicine is a far better course of action than having to run around in circles and file fraud complaints with the issuing credit card company. Take the easy way out and make future purchases with a debit cash card.

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