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Cash Advance Credit Cards And Fiscal Responsibility
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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As Kiss' Gene Simmons once said, "Money isn't everything, but it is always better to have more money than less." Of course, no one wants to be short of cash and, in the absence of liquid funds one needs to borrow. Sometimes the amount of money one needs to borrow is fairly small, falling under $50.00. This is where cash advance credit cards come in handy.

What most people neglect to realize about cash advance credit cards is that they are a loan and carry interest and fees. Cash advance credit cards do not provide a charitable contribution so when one dips into a credit card's cash advance function, one needs to pay it back and probably will be charged a cash advance fee and a higher interest rate. In most instances, interest starts piling up immediately as the thirty day grace period afforded by normal cash advances is not an option. Because of this, one needs to be in control with one's spending when relying on cash advance credit cards as a source of funding.

The easiest way to stay in control is not to buy items that are beyond one's affordability with cash advance credit cards. Living beyond one's means works for the short term, but ultimately the bill comes due. On a baseline level, one can impart a sense of fiscal responsibility for setting a monthly limit on what one will spend and if money needs to be borrowed from a credit card for any reason, try to only borrow what one can pay off within a month or two. Most of all, it is highly unwise to abuse a cash advance credit card and run up debts far beyond one can pay. While this would seem academic, many people get themselves into a fiscal mess by not following this simple rule.

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