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Buy Now Pay Later

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Buy Now Pay Later

When you listen to the news and hear the stock market reports as well as the economist reports it sounds like no one is buying anything. Yet you also hear stories about the huge credit card debts many people have. More and more people are finding that it is very easy to get credit, however it is much more difficult to pay off the bills if you let them accumulate and have to pay interest on top of the charges. We will use our credit cards to earn points as well as for convenience, however we always pay the balance at the end of each billing period.

A year ago we decided to buy a computer system for the house. The store we went to was offering a special buy now pay later campaign on a complete package that included a printer upgrade as well as a flat screen monitor upgrade. We decided that we would purchase the system, even though it was more money than we had originally intended to pay. With the buy now pay later promotion he you had twelve months to pay off the bill, without any interest accumulating. We decided we could afford the upgrades as long as we had the extended period to pay for it.

We made small monthly payments on the computer and at the end of the twelve months paid the rest off. We did not have to pay any interest. Two weeks ago our lawn mower broke down. The repairs would have cost us more than the lawnmower was worth. We looked at a few cheaper models of mowers. We mow over an acre of lawn so we need to have a machine that is dependable. We also looked at a brand name top of the line mower. It cost double of the cheaper brand, however the clerk assured us it would be the last mower we would ever need to buy. We had not planned on the mower breaking down so we had not saved for the expense. We had decided that we would take the money out of our savings account. The mower dealer told us that there was a special buy now pay later promotion on the lawn mower. The promotion included no money down, no payments and no interest for twelve months. We decided we might as well leave the money in our savings account earning interest and pay for the mower next year. As long as you pay the items off within the specified period of time the buy now pay later promotions are a great way to upgrade on what you want to purchase. so when you are planning to buy something you have to know that you have a great power and you can get as much as 12 payments or delay the payment for few months so take advantage of it.

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